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CANINE INFLUENZA is very similar to human influenza. It is spread by respiratory droplets so it requires close contact between animals.
Most animals only show mild upper respiratory signs, like a cold or nothing at all, but in rare cases, it can cause severe illness and death.
The current vaccine is against the H3N2 and H3N8 strains of the virus.
These are the strains currently recognized as causing illness in dogs.
The vaccine works well for these strains. Just like human vaccines, it may not be effective against other strains, and influenza is notorious for changing rapidly.
Influenza can move between dogs and humans. the vaccine is recommended in animals that are boarded or in other situations where they are in frequent close contact with other dogs, such as shows or field trials.
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Class IV Therapy Laser.
Drug-free, Surgery-free, Pain-free relief for your animal companion.
Call our clinic today to see if therapy laser treatments are appropriate for your animal friend.
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